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Repping Rhode

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Bear with my positivity on this one, but I may have a hard time thinking of anything bad to say about Robin Rhode’s art on the street. First of all, Rhode’s canvases are the city streets and building walls, so each work is fresh and unique to each canvas, instead of the same exact dimensioned, […]

Jon Gitelson, Idea’s are free

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Jon Gitelson is a conceptual artist, a way of creating art with an idea behind it. All of Gitelson’s work fall into numerous cate with the each component of the piece being unique to the whole without overpowering one specific element. The Quitter for example is a piece that I still think about almost a […]

Elephants To Earth

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Scanned objects and photoshopped until content as could be!


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needs- projection source(overhead?) two or three projection ideas- is this art? good pollution is light pollution? places inlight richmond- festivals of light!! wants- to do it


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Jenny Holzer in my opinion is sitting on a process that could turn the world on its head. The projections she is able to produce from sayings, thoughts, and feelings are on some of the largest “canvases”ever known to us humans. I place the word canvases in parentheses for no other reason than the fact […]

Only the tipping point of the iceburger

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Roger “You Saw What” Sayre

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Roger Sayre mixes complex scenarios and installations with simple objects and ideas. Mixing the simple with the complex makes his work even more complete than it should be, by contorting the shadow(complex) of a hanging dog bone(simple) into the image of a wide-eyed dog (no slobber present mysteriously (who could this be??!)). This work by […]