Soth For President

March 16, 2012 | | Comments Off on Soth For President

Alec Soth has a keen eye for his subjects. If he is taking picture of an empty apartment or lovers in a naked embrace, the majority of the compositions of Soth’s pictures are molded in a way to easily identify the main subjects of the photograph while the the background is a great supporting cast. Soth accomplishes this awesome balance by playing a lot with lighting and color. I’m guessing he also uses a multitude of minute filters to get the colors to jump off either an actual or digital print.


The ordinary scenes by Soth are very powerful images such as the hidden man holding an ice cone and cigar combo to the beautifully lit-up and sadly empty gas station with a gas station lurking in its midst. Soth’s choice to really shine a light on the commonalities of life today sets him apart from other artists trying to find a million dollar shot. Soth’s art grounds us as he reminds us of both the commonalities of life as well as giving a new way to view those commonalities through the lens of his camera. Another interesting perspective that I discovered about Soth’s portraits of people is their expressions of solemnness. His subjects for the most part are completely drained of any facial expression. Is Soth trying to show another commonalities of life not being easy through these portraits? Only thing left to do now is email him and ask!


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