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March 20, 2012 | | Comments Off on Baij, Jeff … Jeff Baij

Jeff Baij works with digital images and video imaging when manifesting his ideas. Because digital art is so encompassing, each piece has it’s own character based upon a number of variables. He uses very rudimentary colors and designs when mixing together his pictures, multiple pictures, and videos. When I say rudimentary colors what I mean by this is that his art is definitely easily labeled as graphically computerized with an absence of background colors and perspective as he brings us through what appears to be a crash of a space station in one of his pieces on his website. When talking in terms of the graphic quality of his pieces, is Baij more inclined to use more or less believable graphics? Would he rather design the first Mario game or a hyper-realistic sports game that my generation has come to appreciate way more than the latter?


I like how whimsical some of Baij’s work comes of to me. It seems like his art is bordering a line between a hobby and a profession, which in my opinion is a good thing. For one, there seems to be less pressure on art put out through as a hobby or recreation which in turn makes it easier to pick it up and drop it off which makes the view-ability of the art significantly greater the when just browsing around in a gallery. He also most likely has more fun with his art in that realm. One final question I had for Jeff Baij has to do with his approach to art in terms of his emotions and the timescale in which it is produced. What emotions do you feel when you’re in the process of making a piece and how do these emotions relate to the emotions you feel when you approach your piece in its finished state hanging up in a gallery or buried in your studio somewhere?


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