Updated Final Idea

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move outta the way old idea, my new idea is coming through… The idea was inspired by Matt Siber’s work. My vision is to give personalities to signs of whatever form. What would a stop sign say if it could speak? I would like to delve into that psyche.  My work will contain both images […]

The Paikonic Pighway

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Never cut the power on Nam June Paik because it is obvious he is going to need it to breath. His art consists of technology, mainly televisions that he has manipulated in various forms. Whether it is a robot constructed out of televisions or robots constructing a television, Paik’s art is unique to say the […]

The Final

April 17, 2012 | Comments Off on The Final

I find a lot of inspiration from my oceanography class, learning about how everything in the world is really connected. For my final, I would like to combine a few of the processes we learned about in class, combining areas of gifs, photoshop manipulation as well as image uploading from the internet. I would like […]

Rist Without Peace

April 16, 2012 | Comments Off on Rist Without Peace

  Rist is a very forward thinking artist, with her ideas bordering on the edges of reality in the forms of videos, photographs, and the convergence of the two. Immediately I was attracted to the layout of Rist’s website. I was able to interact with it on multiple levels as I “searched” for her art. […]

turn OFF then ON the lights

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April 10, 2012 | Comments Off on HOLZERED IT UP

For the Holzer project, I was delegated with Abbas to bring a projection unit to the library. The projection unit’s wheels scared multiple people as I rode is noisily down the hill towards the nest… The process itself was too much fun. There were so many ways to grab different scenes with the shadows. The […]

P R, P L

April 10, 2012 | Comments Off on P R, P L

Any artist whose goal is to manipulate a scene to give it a new meaning is someone I can give a lot of credit to. Pfeiffer’s art deals with very modern and popular images as he minutely edits certain aspects of the old scenes to portray what Pfeiffer’s perspective is instead. In his series The […]

Viola’s are the sounds of yesterday..

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I can see that Bill Viola’s brain is compromised of a variety of puzzle pieces after viewing his art… His art takes the form of video as he delves into the meaning of time as more that just a ticking sound. Every process making up his videos has meaning, whether its the choice of lens […]


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How Dew You…???

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Jordan Tate, how does this make you feel?

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