Viola’s are the sounds of yesterday..

April 9, 2012 | | Comments Off on Viola’s are the sounds of yesterday..

I can see that Bill Viola’s brain is compromised of a variety of puzzle pieces after viewing his art… His art takes the form of video as he delves into the meaning of time as more that just a ticking sound. Every process making up his videos has meaning, whether its the choice of lens he uses, that amount of time that is filmed and how that is manipulated (slowed or sped-up), with the most important piece of Viola’s artistic puzzle being what he chooses to make his art out of. Behind his art is a new sense of time as his viewers have a new appreciation for the flow of water as he slows down each frame in The Raft.

As for my opinion, I love how Viola’s gives us a new dimension to view time in as each one of his works can be played again and again with a perspective found after each viewing. However, his work is very dark and hard for me to relate to. His scenes are clouded with dark backgrounds and eerie sound effects. I think Viola is trying to express through his work how vulnerable the human race is to the natural forces that were here before our time as well as after when we no longer exist. Viola is slowing our thought processes down through his art to communicate his need for us to truly understand this.


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