P R, P L

April 10, 2012 | | Comments Off on P R, P L

Any artist whose goal is to manipulate a scene to give it a new meaning is someone I can give a lot of credit to. Pfeiffer’s art deals with very modern and popular images as he minutely edits certain aspects of the old scenes to portray what Pfeiffer’s perspective is instead. In his series The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Pfeiffer’s goal is to move the attention of the viewer away from what we are normally drawn to. In this case, Pfeiffer edits nine out of the ten basketball players out of the scene which we normally focus on. I believe that Pfeiffer is trying to put everyone in his photograph on an equal playing field, by making the crowd, the background, the lights, with the single player vying for our attention all at the same moment.

I think that Pfeiffer is displaying a powerful message through his artwork. By manipulating images like he is, Pfeiffer is fighting back against overly-inflated world of sports by drawing our attention from what we instinctively look for to what we normally wouldn’t. Anyone one of those people in the crowd could be the player taking the shot and vice versa. I also love the lighting in the series. It’s as if he manipulated that as well to create illumination throughout the entire series. Bottom line, I would love to see more of Pfeiffer’s future artwork!


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