The Paikonic Pighway

April 24, 2012 | | Comments Off on The Paikonic Pighway

Never cut the power on Nam June Paik because it is obvious he is going to need it to breath. His art consists of technology, mainly televisions that he has manipulated in various forms. Whether it is a robot constructed out of televisions or robots constructing a television, Paik’s art is unique to say the least. He is giving viewers new ways to interact with technology and even closer, 21st century technology as a television can be more in the eyes of Paik, a television can be worn…as a hat!


Nam June Paik’s definitely draws inspiration from his past, as he grew up in Korea before migrating with his family to Japan. His art with technology speaks directly to his upbringing as the rise of technology was happening as he was growing as both a kid and later on as an artist. I was able to personally view Paik’s “Electronic Superhighway” and it blew me out the doors of the Smithsonian. The sheer size alone of the piece is incredible with each state represented through not only neon tubes and televisions, but also what the televisions were playing, as each video dealt with Paik’s own personal perspective of what he associated with each video. No matter whether you are watching an individual screen or the whole “country”, his highway is visually paralyzing, the reason why Paik is not only the first video artist, but also one of the best as well.


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