SPEAK FOR ME… Timmy Cook’s Final

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This idea sprouted into my mind after researching Matt Siber. I absolutely loved his work from the beginning, with his ability to manipulate his environment so perfectly that he could leave something so unnatural and foreign in our minds with the possibility that floating signs really could exist. I began to think about what I could do with the “manipulation effect” as I have coined it. I began to feel an emotional disconnect with the signs that directed my life, whether it is an abrupt stop sign or a simple sticker saying that visa is a form of currency accepted at the establishment. I began to think what would the signs say if instead of a bland person making these direct, cold statement, the signs themselves had a personality, what would the say and what emotion would they express? The ball started rolling and before I knew it I was already done with the project. Included with each “re-photograph” is an explanation bringing the viewer up to speed with why I not only chose the sign , but also why the sign is saying what it is!



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Although the stop sign does it job by sticking it to us the most direct and obvious statement…Stop, I felt that a stop sign would become tired of asking, telling, and sometimes being ignored. I wanted to give the stop sign something polite, direct yet simple to give drivers more of a chance to feel the urge to at least slow down to make the world a better place as cars rolled past. I included the three exclamations points to show the directness of the stop sign with it being red and the color of an extrovert, as a stop sign has to be extroverted from the minute it is stuck in the ground, up until it’s last seconds.



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I stopped counting after sixteen hours which included a lot of brainstorming, taking pictures, learning the process in photoshop, and putting it all together with the explanations!



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The elevators at Eagle Landing have been in the most unfortunate boxing match with certain residents all year. Every weekend, a new scar is added to a long list of history for the elevators. I wanted to give a chance for the elevator to speak directly to the students rather than just the angry maintenance crew. The goal of this sign was to have the elevator be able to directly wear it’s emotions of its sleeves as the black and white colors gave no sense of warmth or safety anymore, something that an elevator should always be able to express. I feel like the elevator would no longer be abused by residents if residents had the chance to ask themselves, what if the elevator treated me just like I treated me?



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The signs next to every door at the eagle landing apartments are anything but warm and personal. The same UMW logo (also the Arlington county transport) was displayed above every room number, giving people a dreadful sense of uniformity rather than that of homeliness. With the color blue signifying trust and acceptance, I need to give the signs exactly that, but putting the simple yet cliché phrase, all residents would be greeted with that homeliness instead of the same, uninspiring and uninviting UMW logo.


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The visa sign really got me thinking, as the word didn’t have any symbolization to me and in fact to the millions of people who use plastic everyday. I felt like the visa sign felt guilty, as it encouraged people to spend without knowing the background story first. The juxtaposition of the blue and yellow colors could throw off any consumer wanting to purchase something without being able to know the implications of their actions. With the temporarily “free” statement, the sign speaks to the juxtaposed colors as both the money is temporary, never an endless amount and that the money is required to be paid back.

Updated Final Idea

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move outta the way old idea, my new idea is coming through…

The idea was inspired by Matt Siber’s work. My vision is to give personalities to signs of whatever form. What would a stop sign say if it could speak? I would like to delve into that psyche.  My work will contain both images of my manipulated pictures as well as explanations behind why I chose to say for each sign.

more to come!


The Paikonic Pighway

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Never cut the power on Nam June Paik because it is obvious he is going to need it to breath. His art consists of technology, mainly televisions that he has manipulated in various forms. Whether it is a robot constructed out of televisions or robots constructing a television, Paik’s art is unique to say the least. He is giving viewers new ways to interact with technology and even closer, 21st century technology as a television can be more in the eyes of Paik, a television can be worn…as a hat!


Nam June Paik’s definitely draws inspiration from his past, as he grew up in Korea before migrating with his family to Japan. His art with technology speaks directly to his upbringing as the rise of technology was happening as he was growing as both a kid and later on as an artist. I was able to personally view Paik’s “Electronic Superhighway” and it blew me out the doors of the Smithsonian. The sheer size alone of the piece is incredible with each state represented through not only neon tubes and televisions, but also what the televisions were playing, as each video dealt with Paik’s own personal perspective of what he associated with each video. No matter whether you are watching an individual screen or the whole “country”, his highway is visually paralyzing, the reason why Paik is not only the first video artist, but also one of the best as well.

The Final

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I find a lot of inspiration from my oceanography class, learning about how everything in the world is really connected. For my final, I would like to combine a few of the processes we learned about in class, combining areas of gifs, photoshop manipulation as well as image uploading from the internet. I would like to describe the plight of the polar bear in the form of a moving gif! I would like to display the formation of icebergs as a polar bear with the icebergs slowly dissipating with the polar bear.


Rist Without Peace

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Rist is a very forward thinking artist, with her ideas bordering on the edges of reality in the forms of videos, photographs, and the convergence of the two. Immediately I was attracted to the layout of Rist’s website. I was able to interact with it on multiple levels as I “searched” for her art. I loved the aspects of sound and video evolving as I journeyed. Each separate frame of her site included a different visual as well as a new sound, often times in a faint, singing voice. The uniqueness of Rist’s site definitely references her work as she works anywhere but inside a box.


Rist’s artwork is can be described in a number of ways, being labeled as feminist with her subject compromising of women. Rist manipulates both the image quality on the screen as well as the sound quality. Rist speeds up and slows down the sound to produce very high and low frequency pitches, giving added emotions to her characters such as the I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much, who is obviously already distressed even before Rist really turns the screws. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the work itself, Rist’s interviews and reasonings behind her work were very captivating and not too easy to grasp at first glance something that art of this approach represents.

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